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Wirehaired vizsla dogs

Zoldmali Valeria Szitakoto & Zoldmali Jager

In december 2019 hopen wij de pups van Szita te zien.

De dekking heeft al plaats gevonden op 10, 12 en 14 oktober

Deze dekking is goedgekeurd door de Nederlandse Vizsla Vereniging.

Heeft u interesse dan horen wij het graag, u kan ons mailen of bellen, wij staan u graag te woord voor al uw vragen.

Gegevens van Szita kan u vinden op de pagina Onze honden.

Voor de gegevens en informatie over haar dekreu Zoldmali Jager kunt u vinden op de Zoldmali site.


Zöldmáli Jager, alias Diós is a young but very talented male, who had been trained by my better half, Laci. Diós is not our own dog, but spends lots of training and hunting time with us, when his owner is on business trips. He passed all the hunting tests one-by-one, all with high scores, in 1st prize. After the ÖTV, the Autumn Field and Water Test, he is now getting prepared for the All-round Trial, the MVV (VGP) that consists of Field-Water and Forest parts. Diós has a kind and soft temperament. He loves to work and loves to please you and would like to be the one and only.

We haven’t done much showing with him (he has only been in 1 show, but there he did very well), because he is primarily a hunting dog, but we will enter him to few shows in 2017 to prove his dual purpose.

He is available for stud to approved bitches.

Show Titles:

  • Derby Winner
  • 2XresCACIB
  • HPJ
  • resCAC
  • 2XCAC

Work Titles:

  • VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test)
  • ÖTV (Autumn Field and Water Test)- 1st prize
  • Field Trial Derby- 2nd place, Very Good 14 points
  • MVV (Field-Water-Forest Test-VGP) 2nd prize

Health Checks:

  • HD-A (free)
  • Eyes free of genetic eye disorders